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what your baby
will look like?

Choose any 2 parents, and see their baby.

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  • Choose any 2 parents
  • Generate your custom baby in seconds
  • Advanced parent-baby face blending
  • A.I. face detection
  • Save and share results
  • See old creations in Baby History

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Predict what your baby will look like.

Pick any two parents, and see their baby.

Make A Baby analyzes the facial characteristics of the selected parents to predict a baby using the parents' features. Try it with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or friends! Create personalized, unique babies every time: Make a Baby uses facial blending to predict hilariously accurate baby faces. Make A Baby now and see your own future baby.

How to use:
Start by uploading or taking new pictures that act as your baby's "parents"
Generate your custom baby within seconds
Save and share your results
Look back at old babies you've made in the Baby History page

- Advanced parent-baby face blending
- AI face detection makes photos easy to use
- Free to try
- Create unlimited, ad-free babies with the new Unlimited mode!

You can use your favorite pics of you and your friends, celebrities, or even some crazier combinations! With Make A Baby, the baby you make is at YOUR command. Combine wacky, hilarious photos to create funny baby results! Make A Baby provides the best and most accurate results when used with a front-facing and well-lit photo.

Compatible with iOS 10.3 and up.
Works on both iPhone and iPad.

It's time to create some hilariously cute baby combinations, so get out there and make some babies!